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What our parents and players are saying...

Our family has been using The Batting Cage facilities for practice, instruction and family fun events like miniature golf and birthday parties since our two boys were playing Westport Little League baseball back in 2002.  Both being right handed pitchers now at the collegiate level, they received their all important initial pitching instruction from Paul Fournier who developed a careful, controlled and all out repeatable delivery that has served them well for many years now. Today, they both take more advanced pitching lessons that focus on the technical nuances that Mike Fournier can notice, document and fix or enhance through methodical evaluation and instruction using high quality slow motion video analysis. Most importantly, our boys have always enjoyed the camaraderie and baseball talk you always find at The Batting Cage. When they come home for their college holiday break, The Batting Cage is always their first stop to catch up with the Fourniers. My older son is entering his senior season this spring and was named First Team All League and Pitcher of the Year in the New England Small College Athletic Conference in both his Freshman and Junior years. My younger son had 41 strikeouts in 26.1 innings of work in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League this past summer.


Tom Van Zant

Westport, CT

The coaches at The Batting Cage have worked hard to develop our son's mental and physical abilities through the years. His continued commitment to weekly hitting and pitching lessons has greatly contributed to his overall success on the field. Breaking down the mechanics and tweaking every aspect of his swing, throw, and stance has made him a stronger and smarter player. As a pitcher we have seen his accuracy improve on the mound as well as his velocity. The coaches at The Batting Cage push our son to be the best he can be and is a work in progress because of the goals that he and the coaches set for him to achieve. The coaches' commitment, dedication, expert knowledge of the game, strategy and how they work with the boys to maximize results is why we are so thrilled to have our son be involved with this fine program. He has been selected to compete in Florida with top players in the country for his age group. Garrett currently plays for the 14U Wolfpack.

Jodi S.

Westport, CT

The Batting Cage was my go-to place growing up. Now that I’m a college player, I sometimes look back on the countless hours of hard work that got me to this point today, and The Batting Cage had a tremendous part in that journey. It’s always been a first-class family-run business; over the years I’ve seen the entire Fournier family take incredible pride and passion in their work and giving Fairfield County the best facility around. It’s also nice to know that you’re getting instruction from guys who’ve played the game and know what they’re talking about. The quality of The Batting Cage is top-notch, and they always seem to have renovated something whenever I come home. The Batting Cage has and always will be my place to go when I come home, I’d never go anywhere else! David currently plays for Duke University.

David P.
Jacksonville, FL

When Dillon turned 10 I had the task of findind the right baseball program that would stoke his passion for the game. The coaches at The Batting Cage have done that and more. They have taught him the correct way to approach the game as player and team mate. Their program is well suited for the baseball "junkie". His improvements in all aspects of the game can be attributed to Mike and Chris Fournier's tutelage. They are both outstanding teachers (savants) and give 100% to their players. They take great pride in teaching the correct way and that is evident in how well their players expand within the game. Whether you want to start on the high school team or play in college they will help you get there if you have the desire and drive. Thanks again for all your insights and pushing the right buttons.

Joe Lifrieri
Wilton, CT

My son has trained at The Batting Cage and played for the Connecticut Wolfpack for the past two years.  Chris, Mike and Paul Fournier have developed a fully-integrated program, combining high-quality competition with advanced skills development, in order to prepare players for serious AAU and high school competition and beyond.  Everything about “The Cage” and “The Pack” is first-rate, from the facilities in Black Rock to the experienced staff of former college and professional players.  The Batting Cage is well on its way to becoming one of the leading baseball academies in New England.

Rich Brereton 
Darien, CT

My son moved from another travel organization to The Batting Cage last fall. It has been very encouraging to watch him progress over the past few months. Jason and Matt have worked very closely with my son and have provided incredible instruction. They have brought that high level of competitive playing experience and implanted that work ethic into a developing 8 year old. My son has great respect for Jason and Matt as well as the entire staff at the batting cage. He continues to learn the value of hard work and how it pays off.  They are dedicated to extracting the most out of a young player and leaving him with hunger to improve for the next practice. It always great to hear my son talking about what he learned and if he just works a little harder he will do even better. It is really a unique setting when everyone on the staff seems to take a personal interest in a player’s progress. The Batting Cage runs a professional first class program and would recommend it to anyone interested in maximizing your child’s potential. Thanks again for all your help.


Dave M.
Norwalk, CT

My son plays on the 10U Wolfpack baseball team and has worked with Chris and Mike Fournier, and their very talented staff, for about two years now.  Chris and Mike Fournier are natural coaches and teachers who teach kids how to play the game of baseball through total focus on detail. Nothing is too small to escape their attention (from which part of your foot you land on when you swing the bat to how far off the base path you need to be when you take your lead at third) and every aspect of the game is taught with total fidelity to the ideal way to play it, including how to make the right decisions in the heat of the moment. They turn out beautiful baseball players. But what really sets Chris and Mike apart isn't actually their focus on turning young boys into Division I college baseball players -- instead, it is their focus on developing the entire boy and instilling in him the principles of character which will lead to his success on the field, in school, and in ventures beyond school:  total effort in everything you do; pride in your efforts; never accepting less than your best; habits of concentration, focus, and thoughtfulness; and, sportsmanship. They teach boys how to play like men and how to comport themselves like men.  This is a constant lesson/theme that runs through every private lesson, every practice, every game, and every post-game meeting. They demand it from boys who otherwise may not be asked to step up in society today. And the boys respond. I have no doubt that my son is a better athlete and, much more importantly, will be a better person because of the Wolfpack program.  They are old fashioned coaches in the very best sense of the term. Is it easy?  No. Is it worth it?  Totally. They teach baseball beautifully but they build and mold character even more successfully.  If your son is ready to work hard, this is a fantastic program for him to grow up in.  I look forward to watching my son continue to mature here.

Jeremy D.
Westport, CT

Our children are active participants in many sports, with quite a few AAU and Premier clubs.  We know we've chosen the right club when our kids are developing their skills along with a love of the game, and most of all they are having fun in the process. Our son has been a member of the Batting Cage baseball teams for the past three years.  With each new season, we continue to be be very impressed and highly satisfied with the quality of the training program and the team experience. The Wolfpack program has helped our son grow as a player and as a young man, helping him to build confidence both on and off the field.

Westport, CT

Our son has been playing on the Wolfpack Team for the past two years and we have been really impressed with the quality of the coaching staff.  Chris and Mike Fournier along with their talented staff, focus on the fundamentals and take the time to demonstrate the right way to play the game.  Their disciplined approach towards conditioning, practices, and games really has helped our son improve his skills and focus on and off the field.  The coaches have a great rapport with the kids and are able to bring out their best.  Our son looks forward to every private lesson, clinic, and practice with great enthusiasm.

Peter F.
Fairfield, CT


Our son is entering his second season with the Wolfpack and we are all excited to be a part of the program.  Our family has very broad experience with AAU and other travel programs in a variety of sports, including other baseball programs, and strongly believe that the Wolfpack program and Staff are as good as it gets.  The Wolfpack is an elite program where the expectation for continued development and on-going success is ever present.  The Staff takes a vested interest in each of the players in the Wolfpack program.  They clearly communicate their expectations for each player, push them to be their best both on and off the field, and then hold the players accountable for their performance.  

The relentless focus on the details and the development of the skills needed to compete and be successful at an elite level define the Wolfpack program.  The routines that are being developed and refined at the Batting Cage on a daily basis are the foundation that future successes will be built upon.  Each repetition is important, has meaning, and is used as a teaching tool.  Other programs focus on the volume of repetitions, but the Wolfpack Staff is more focused on making each repetition count.  They are willing to stop, explain why they are making a correction, and then help to implement the correct method they are teaching.  Again, the details matter and transfer directly to the playing field.  This level of instruction is one of the many things that sets the Wolfpack program apart from others.  

We are proud to be a part of the Wolfpack program and look forward to many years of future growth and successes.


Adam G. 

Westport, CT

Our son has been a member of the Connecticut Wolfpack program for 3 years. Over the course of this time, he has progressed significantly in terms of both skill and discipline, and it is evident in his level of play. The quality of instruction for both pitching and hitting has helped him grow into a strong contributor to the team. The Connecticut Wolfpack staff provide valuable direction and development, and are consistently looking for ways to improve the program. We look forward to another great season.

Phil and Maureen Hazzard
Norwalk, CT