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Change Team: 
by posted 06/01/2023


9U - NONE 

10U - NONE 

11U red - QUIROGA

11U black - NONE 

12U black - WHITE

12U grey - NONE 

12U red - NONE 

13U black - MCCAFFREY, ROMAN ???

13U red - LEE


If anything is inaccurate please email me asap. Thank you and Go Pack! 

-Chris Fournier

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Games Moved Important
by posted 05/26/2023

12U Red games Sunday moved to 2:30/4:30p East Village Park Lower in Shelton

110 East Village Road Shelton, CT 06484


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by posted 05/26/2023

Wolfpack Parents,

We have several conflicts this weekend. Please review this email and text me at 203-257-4747 if there are any adjustments that need to be made. Thank you and Go Pack!

13U Black 

Saturday - Kral, Cusa 

Sunday - Roman 

Monday - Jodice 


13U Red 

Saturday - Seusing, Sabol add Jaffe’s 

Sunday - Seusing, Sabol add Jaffe’s 

Monday - Seusing 


9U - NONE 

10U - MCINTOSH, WALKER, RIDDLE, WELLEN (missing game 2 only)




12U RED - NOVA, LEWIS, PARKER (Perez coming from east Lyme….should be on time.) 






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12U Summer Program
by posted 05/25/2023

Wolfpack parents,

We have a few spots left in our 12U summer program. We will be running two teams this summer, 12U black and 12U grey. The quanitiy of games / practices are identical. The only difference between the two teams is the location of the tournaments each team will attend. Black will travel to NJ and Long Island. Grey will stay in Connecticut. 90-120 minute practice each week, 2-4 games on non-tournament weeks,  3 tournament weekends, and free facility access all summer. 

Current 11U players are elgible to particpate on 12U grey in the summer. Please reach out ASAP if you are interested via email chrisfournier@ctwolfpack.com

Go Pack! 

-Chris Fournier 

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by posted 05/25/2023

9U - NONE 







If there are any changes that need to be made, please email me by the end of the day. Thank you and Go Pack! 

-Chris Fournier 

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Fall Ball Registration Now Open!
by posted 05/02/2023

Wolfpack Parents,

Registration for Fall Ball 2023 is now open for current Wolfpack players. Full program details are posted on our website. The deadline for returning players to register is May 15th. 


If you know of anyone interested in joining the Pack, please provide them my contact information (cell phone: 203-257-4747 email:  ). We will run private evaluations for new players starting on May 15th, when current player registration closes. The cost for a new player evaluation is $75. 


Exciting News!!! We have two more HitTrax units arriving on Thursday. Every tunnel in the room next to the Wolf Den will now have a HitTrax unit, and flat screen tv. Combine that with the TrackMan we have in the front tunnel, and The Batting Cage now has more baseball tech than any facility in the state!     


Program Highlights:

(18-20+) game schedule

Weekly outdoor practice 

Unlimited facility use (May 15th thru October 31st)

Full uniform set


Payment Options:

Option #1: Full Payment - $2200.00 upon registration ($100 savings) 

Option #2: 2 Payment Installment Plan - $2300.00 total 

($1150 due upon registration, $1150 auto-charged on 6/15


Registration Instructions: 

Visit www.ctwolfpack.com. Select "register online" on the left hand tool bar on the home page. Find "Fall Ball 2023 Full Payment" or “Fall Ball 2023 Pay Plan,” select "register," and follow the prompts. If anyone has any issues registering, please email me at 


Thank you for all your support this season. We are looking forward to finishing the spring season strong, building on the improvements we have made thus far. We couldn't do it without our committed players and families. Go Pack!!!


-Chris Fournier

Program Director


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by posted 02/21/2023

Wolfpack Parents,


Hope all is well…We are less than two months away from the start of the spring and we can’t wait to get the season started! 




Starting in April our lesson schedule will change due to team practices, instructor off days, and game schedules. We do not give lessons Friday - Sunday starting in April. Therefore, if you currently have weekend lessons booked, those will stop after 3/26. Below is instructor availability by day. Please email ASAP to get your lesson schedule set for April - June ( ). If you want your lesson schedule to stay as is, please email to let me know. If your current lesson scheudle is impacted by an instructor off day, practice, etc. please email me to find an alternate time slot. Lastly, if you want your lessons to stop after March, please email me asap to let me know. 


Chris Fournier Availability: 

Monday 3-9

Tuesday 3-530 and 8-9 

Wednesday 3-4 

Thursday 3-9 


Mike Fournier Availability: 

Monday OFF 

Tuesday 3-530 and 8-9 

Wednesday 3-4 and 8-9  

Thursday 3-9 


Ralphy Colon Availability:

Monday OFF 

Tuesday 2-530 and 8-9 

Wednesday 2-4 and 8-9 

Thursday 2-7




Please pick up your uniform / extra uniform items on either Monday March 27th from 6:00-7:30pm, or Tuesday March 28th from 3:00-6:00pm. Players do not have to attend uniform pick up. You can pop in anytime during those time slots. 




Our first team practices will be on the following days:


9U - 12U 

Wednesday April 5th (check your team page for time slots)


13U Black, 13U Red, and 8th Grade 

Tuesday April 4th (TIMES / LOCATION TBD)


9U - 12U practice days / times are set, and are posted on your team schedules. 


13U black / red Thursday indoor practice time slots are set, and are posted on your team schedules. 


13U black / 13U red / 8th Grade outdoor practice day / time slots have not been finalized, as I am still waiting on permits from Fairfield Parks and Recreation. We requested Tuesdays 6:00-7:30pm but it is not confirmed. 



League play will start the weekend of April 14th. Game schedules have not been finalized by the league yet. When we receive them, we will post and email the teams. 


I requested the following time slots by team for games. This is subject to change and is not confirmed until the league provides me the game schedules with opponents. 


9U - Saturday 2/4pm NELL 1 

10U - Sunday 1/3pm NELL 2

11U BLACK - Saturday 2/4pm NELL 2 

11U RED - Sunday 9/11am NELL 1 

12U BLACK - Sunday 9/11am NELL 2

12U GREY - Friday 6/8pm Locations TBD 

12U RED  - Sunday 1/3pm NELL 1 

13U black / red - TBD, however, tournaments are posted 

8th Grade - TBD 



To visit your team page, first log into your account, then select “spring / summer teams 2023,” select “choose a team,” and then select your team from the drop down menu. On the left hand tool bar, you will see the schedule and roster icons. 


All players receive: one hat, one pair of pants, one pair of socks and one jersey. New players will receive a new belt. New players must purchase a team helmet and bat bag. 


Players should wear full uniform to all practices and games, indoor and outdoor.


It can be very cold at the beginning of the spring season. Players need to dress warm for games. We will have hooded sweatshirts for sale in our pro shop. Players can only wear Wolfpack attire in the dugout. Short/long sleeves under the jersey must be black or red. Players must wear black socks during games and practices. They don't have to be team issued, but they have to be black. 


Player conflicts should be emailed to . It is very important that we have all visible conflicts sent to us, as soon as possible. It is not okay to email us the day of, or a day before, to let us know you will not be attending a game or practice, unless a player is sick, and physically cannot attend, or there is a family emergency.


All players have full access to the facility during the season, including the batting cages. Tunnels are based on availability. The Batting Cage will be open 2-9 Monday thru Friday, 10-6 on Sat. and 10-6 on Sun. Players are not allowed to share team batting cage cards, or tunnel rentals with players outside of the program. If they do so, they will lose the ability to train for free at the facility. 


All players must be dressed and ready to play no later than 30 minutes prior to game time. If you are late, you may not start, and you may not play at all (coaches decision). If you do not have your full uniform you may not start, and you may not play at all (coaches decision).   


Medical release forms and AAU membership cards must be turned in before the start of game play. If you have not purchased an AAU membership, visit www.aaubaseball.org, and purchase a one year athlete membership. Medical release forms can be printed out from our website under the documents tab. Forms can be emailed to Chris Fournier, chrisfournier@ctwolfpack.com, or dropped off at the facility.


No parents should be near or inside the dugout before, during, or after games. If a player needs a drink, gum etc. he will leave the dugout and get it from his parents. This rule is very important, and will be enforced during the season. Friendly reminder to all parents…it is important that you let the coaching staff coach the kids. 


If you have any issues during the season, please do not approach the head coach before, during or after games. Send me an email and we can set up a time to have a conversation.


Weather Issues- If there is a game/practice cancellation or time change, an email will be sent out via the website and a team bulletin will be posted on your team page. If you do not receive an email from us, plan on everything being on as scheduled. The Batting Cage will also have all updated schedule information. The phone number to The Batting Cage is 203-259-2255. 


Do not use the East Shore Travel League website for schedule information, weather cancelations etc. The only website that should be referred to is the ctwolfpack.com website.  


In-season lessons- Lessons are not mandatory, but recommended. Playing for the Wolfpack program means your son will learn how to play the game the right way and he will learn how to play hard. He will be taught team concepts and fundamentals, while also improving upon his individual skill set. For example, middle infielders learn how to hold runners on, while outfielders learn how to field the ball on the run, hit their cut off men etc. Lessons are there to help your son work on the areas of his game that need more individualized attention such as: hitting, pitching and fielding. Lessons are offered in 30 or 60 minute increments and are typically taken 1-2 times per week, depending on the student. For more information, please contact the facility directly at 203-259-2255 or email


Playing time- playing time is not guaranteed for anyone. Playing time will be earned based on game/practice performance and attendance, as well as attitude, effort, and coachability. We expect our players to play as hard as they possibly can, during all games and practices. Players must be focused on the game, and the coaching staff at all times. 


Please do not hesitate to email me at if you have any questions. Thank you and Go Pack!


- Chris Fournier 

Program Director

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